Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sweet Kids and UCLA

Soren had the most lovely teacher ever at UCLA's Early Intervention Program. Her name is Lisa. And she had a lovely assistant teacher named Ingrid. Since they have both left the program and miss the kids so much, they have set up play dates every two months to see the kids.

We went to one today. It was the second we have gone to out of three. It was so nice to see both Lisa and Ingrid. And to see the wonderful children that Soren went to school with.

I've gotta say, everyone is doing SO well. While Soren was having a rough and fussy day (there was some constipation involved--I'd be fussy too!), everyone else was in top form.

A little girl in Soren's class who was only being fed by feeding tube during school is now being fed orally (thanks to the wonderful feeding therapy at Pasadena Child Development Associates!)

And a little boy who I just love was scooting all over the playground looking for action!

Children are interacting, thriving, and doing so well! It's so exciting to see!

UCLA really provided a fantastic program for Soren and so many other kids. And that is ALL because of Lisa, Ingrid, and the fantastic staff there.

I'm so thankful Soren had his time there. He grew so much. I'm sorry he was being such a fussy budjet today because he grew so much there as well.

But in two months we will meet again. Hopefully he will have done his business BEFORE we go!

Anyhow, it was great to see how amazing these amazing kids are. I love them all!


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