Wednesday, April 01, 2009


We started Soren on Depakote a few weeks back and are getting some really good results. While we weren't thrilled with the thought of having Soren on 3 anti-epileptic drugs again, with the looping Juvenile Spasm Clusters, it was clearly necessary.

Our original plan was to keep him on as low a dose as possible. The theraputic dose for Soren is 2 pills twice a day. There's no way to split these pills, so I started him on one full pill. It immediately cut down the clusters, just giving him one spasm now and again. But within 5 days, the clusters were back, so we brought in the morning dose.

Again, things got better. We went longer without clusters this time. But then they kicked back in, so we went up to a full dose in the evening. That was last Thursday and the clusters are gone again. I've seen one or two spasms, but nothing really bad. I'm hoping that once this is fully in his blood, it might do the trick. If not, I'll go up that last bit.

I'm pleased that this has knocked down the clusters. Hopefully we have regained some seizure control!