Monday, November 16, 2009

Soren Update

Almost a year ago, Soren started having Epileptic Spasms again. We have struggled through this year, playing with meds and diet to try and get control. Unfortunately, we simply haven't. While these seizures are fewer and far between than previous seizures, these are really hard on Soren's vision. And any time he has seizures, progress made is erased. I actually realized that I haven't heard Soren laugh in a long, long time. I fear that either the seizures or the meds or the combination is wiping these out.

Not hearing your child laugh is really hard. I mean, I know he's a content boy, but when he used to laugh, it really drove home that he was happy. That he found things amusing.

So we will continue on our quest to get seizure control. Soren's neurologist is retiring, so maybe fresh eyes will think of something new that will help our boy. And hopefully his infectious laugh will return.