Monday, August 10, 2009

Safety Bed

Soren didn't used to move too much in bed. For safety's sake, we put a baby gate on his bed, but we never really felt he needed it. We'd lay him down on his back and he would stay there. Sometimes he would turn to his side, which would lead to him getting on his belly, but that was about it.

Until about a month ago. Now that boy is wiggling and scooting. He gets on his belly, often trapping his arm. And how he's insisting on pushing on the gate.

Not being a small child, as the gate was intended to protect, when Soren puts his weight against this gate, it moves. He's gotten himself wedged between the mattress and the gate. And he's fallen out of bed. Twice.

He did this last night and so now I'm looking into safety beds for kids with special needs. As usual, this will be a BIG ticket item, so we are working on the insurance procedures.

But if any of you parents of special needs kiddos has experience--good or bad---with any of these beds, I would love to hear it. Since it is a pricey piece of equipment, we hope to get one that will last a LONG time! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!