Saturday, March 03, 2012


Soren got his MIC-KEY button put in a week ago and I LOVE this "upgrade" in the G-Tube experience. Now instead of a 6 inch tube sticking out of his belly (which made me very nervous) he has this small little port. When it's time to feed Soren, I pop the port open, attach a tube that locks in (yay!) and do the feeds. It's quite slick. I'm still keeping Soren in the binder around his belly because I'm afraid Soren will rub his belly and accidentally pull out the button. I know how to put a new one in, I'd just rather avoid it!

And now that we got the upgrade with the MIC-KEY, we also got an upgrade on the Keto Cal that Soren uses for his Ketogenic Diet. Previously, we had cans of Keto Cal and this stuff doesn't really mix up all that well. So, with the G-Tube, insurance will cover the LIQUID Keto Cal! While I do have to give this stuff a good shake (REALLY FATTY!), it's much smoother and actually less prep than measuring out the powder every day. I do find it ironic that insurance would only cover this stuff when Soren got the G-Tube when it's actually formulated to drink and smells like vanilla cake mix. And I actually just tasted it and that's what it tastes like too! But Soren gets it through a tube, so the whole flavor thing doesn't matter!

But enough of all this boring, technical stuff. Let me tell you about the boy! For two months after his surgery, Soren was quiet and sad. I really did fear we wouldn't see his smile or hear his laugh again. We've gone full years without those, so I thought we'd lost them again.

Then about 2 weeks ago, Soren started smiling and laughing WAY MORE than ever before! I don't know if it's that he's finally fully recovered from his surgery (he can't really tell us if he's hurting) or if it's because he's much more hydrated thanks to the G-Tube or maybe it's that he hasn't had a seizure in 2 1/2 weeks. Possibly a combination of all those things!

All I know is that this boy now laughs and smiles and has a knowing look in his eyes. He seems to be telling us jokes in his own language and then laughing hilariously at the punch line. I was taking a chicken out of the oven last week and as it came out, it sizzled really loudly. Soren (who was in the kitchen with me) burst into laughter every time that chicken out! I think it was so loud and surprising, he just thought it was the best! Who knew a roast chicken could give such joy to a boy that's not even going to eat the chicken!

Nice to have our happy Soren back and better than ever!