Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hungry Boy

It's been a little be of a rough start of the new year for Soren. During Christmas break, he caught a cold that led to an ear infection. So he had a little delay returning to school. But now he's back to his chatty, hungry self.

Which leads me to the funny thing that happened yesterday. I send Soren's lunch with him to school every day. Monday morning a prepared avocado and salmon and put it in the fridge. When the bus came, I put the container in his lunchbox and sent him off.

When Soren came home, I had to give him a snack to get his antibiotic in. Before I got the food ready, every time I walked by Soren, he opened his mouth hoping for food. I thought this was odd since he had such a big lunch. So I fed him his snack, which he devoured.

That evening, I was preparing Soren's dinner and looked in the fridge for some squash I'd cooked. It was just a tiny bit of squash that I was going to mix up with some egg. But, for the life of me, I couldn't find it. But I DID find the avocado and salmon that I'd made that morning.

Poor little boy. I sent him to school with about 5 bites of squash for lunch. No wonder he was opening his mouth like a baby bird after school. He was starving!

Needless to say, he wolfed down his dinner really fast. But I felt so bad. Soren doesn't have any words to tell me he's hungry, but was giving me the only sign he knew--an open mouth--to clue me in. Good thing I had to give him his antibiotic!