Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Soren!

My handsome boy, Soren, celebrated his 6th birthday today!!!


I sent him off to school with Birthday Brownies, which were greatly enjoyed (especially by Soren, who loves the chocolate).

For his birthday, we got Soren a cool new piece of equipment called a Straddle Sitter. It is so AWESOME! Soren can sit up well enough, neck and trunk-wise. He just needs that balance in the back. And this totally does it for him. He can sit in this for over an hour. Of course, at therapy, he was being a pill and scooting his butt forward so I had to keep adjusting him. But normally, I don't have to do anything. He'll happily sit while we watch T.V., cook, or whatever.

In the afternoon, Soren had music therapy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOREN!!!