Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 100!

Soren has been tonic-clonic free for 100 days! Yahoo!

In other news, we had his 3rd IEP (Individualized Education Plan) earlier this month. This is where we sit down with his teachers and therapists to see how Soren has progressed through the year and what goals we should have for the next year. I've written before that this is a big meeting where big decisions are made. This one went even smoother than last year's. Soren is going to continue getting the same services (PT, OT, Vision, and Speech Therapies) from the school or at off-site clinics.

One big change was that for one of Soren's PT sessions, we are going to an intensive therapy clinic called Joy for Kids. There Joy, the therapist, offers Therasuit therapy using a Universal Exercise Unit. We did an 3 week intensive of this 2 years ago and Soren made great progress. Joy has a contract with Soren's school district, so we decided to change his hour of school-based therapy to Joy's clinic. It means I have to drive Soren (he's taken to his other PT/OT session on the bus), but we think it's totally going to be worth it. He really needs this extra challenge to kick things up.

And with being seizure-free we have high hopes for this next school year!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Soren!

Soren is 5 years old today! We celebrated this weekend by going to Aaron's hometown of Enumclaw for a joint birthday with his Grandma Kris (whose birthday is the day before). The trip was great. Soren traveled wonderfully as usual (he was actually quite excited on the plane both over and back).

And his gift to himself and all of us for his birthday was 3 Months of Seizure Freedom!!!

Here's hoping this will the best, seizure-free year ever!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Slacking in My Blogging Duties!

Sorry about my slacking off. As usual, things have been busy! First of all, we had the Triathlon and Team Soren did really well despite some hardships. The good news is, everyone finished safely! Eric Germansky, our lone, solo triathlete did a great job in the swim, bike, and run. Our women's relay actually came in second of all the women's relay teams. Rock on, ladies! And our men's team also finished well despite Keith getting not one, but two flat tires on the ride! But he got those fixed and powered on! The Team Soren Support Team was at the L.A. Live finish in downtown cheering our team on. It was fantastic!

Later that day, we had a party/silent auction/fundraiser honoring our athletes and celebrating Team Soren's success. A good time was had by all.

But my current great news is that Soren has now gone 86 days without a seizure. And he survived a second cold without any breakthrough seizures. He woke up stuffy on Friday with no precursor or seizures the day before. And none the entire weekend. We were a little nervous because, for the first time in almost a year, Aaron and I went away without the kids. We did a quick 27 hour trip to the Bay Area. I was a little nervous when Soren woke with that cold on Friday. But since he didn't have any seizures that day and his respite workers know how to give the Diastat, I felt okay about leaving. And Soren came through with flying colors, which made our trip all the more enjoyable!

I just gotta say, I love Clobazam!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Go Team Soren!

Tomorrow is the Los Angeles Triathlon and Team Soren will be racing for our boy! Team Soren consists of Eric Germansky, who will be doing the entire triathlon, and two relay tri-teams: Chris Webb, Keith Anyon, and Ezra Weisz on our male team and Karen Wilson,
Kristen Van Rooyen, and Susan Reedy on our female team. The lovely Julie Miller had to step down from being on that team due to an injured back. Please think good thoughts for her and for all the athletes to have a good, safe, and successful race!

The Team Soren Support Team will be decked out in our official orange Team Soren T-shirts. They are awesome and I'll be sure to take pictures to show us wearing our colors!

It's not too late to donate! Please click on the donation button to your right and support Team Soren!

Go Team Soren!