Saturday, September 06, 2008

Go Team Soren!

Tomorrow is the Los Angeles Triathlon and Team Soren will be racing for our boy! Team Soren consists of Eric Germansky, who will be doing the entire triathlon, and two relay tri-teams: Chris Webb, Keith Anyon, and Ezra Weisz on our male team and Karen Wilson,
Kristen Van Rooyen, and Susan Reedy on our female team. The lovely Julie Miller had to step down from being on that team due to an injured back. Please think good thoughts for her and for all the athletes to have a good, safe, and successful race!

The Team Soren Support Team will be decked out in our official orange Team Soren T-shirts. They are awesome and I'll be sure to take pictures to show us wearing our colors!

It's not too late to donate! Please click on the donation button to your right and support Team Soren!

Go Team Soren!