Monday, August 18, 2008

Been Busy!

Sorry I haven't updated in a bit. Things have been crazy-busy with the kids finishing up their summer vacation. Soren is done with summer school and has 3 weeks off before the new school year begins. So now he's in summer camp from 9-12 at his therapy center. He was a little grumpy the first day of last week. We think he may have thought he had to do therapy there. Once he realized it was camp, he had a good time.

And the update on his cold/seizure control is that he had this lousy cold for about a week and had no visible seizures!

We started the Clobazam 2 months ago this Thursday. That day (June 21st) was the last time I had to give him Diastat for his tonic-clonic seizures. We also noted that we didn't hear Soren have any night time seizures during our weekend in San Diego when we all shared a room. He does wake up some mornings with a little stiffness, but we really think this is because he's getting his legs into funny positions that he can't get himself out of.

Soren is alert, happy, a laughing a lot. People are really noticing the difference! Now if the FDA would just approve this amazing drug!


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Carol said...

I'm so glad this medication is working for Soren. How terrific for him and you.