Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quick Update

Ah, once again I have been neglect in my blogging duties. I apologize. I've been very busy. Here's a quick update...

1.) Soren is now off the anti-virals after we decided they were not the appropriate mode of treatment.
2.) While on the meds, I did get into the habit of feeding Soren breakfast and a snack, which he chowed down with great abandon. Turns out the poor boy was hungry! In the past month, he's gained almost 2 pounds due to this calorie increase.
3.) I took Soren off avocado. But he ended up having a few seizures anyways, so I brought it back.
4.) I discovered that Trader Joe's Edamame and Egglant Hummus are delicious. Soren thinks so too!
5.) Soren's seizures/spasms have been few and far between.

Soren's still staying off cow's milk and cheese at the moment since we actually think this may have helped decrease the seizures a bit. Actual allergy testing may be in Soren's future.

That's it!