Thursday, June 03, 2010

Update on Senate Bill 1051

Thanks to the outpouring of support from all of you, the Diastat bill (SB 1051) has passed through the Senate Education and Health Committees.

Unfortunately, this past week, Senate Leadership put the bill in the "suspense" file, placing it on hold due to STRONG UNION OPPOSITION. Both the California Teachers Association and the California Nurses Association oppose this bill. And while I LOVE TEACHERS and NURSES, their unions opposing this bill only hurts our kids with epilepsy.

But, there is still hope because Senate Leadership has the power to free this bill from the Appropriations Committee. And YOU can make the difference!

Please help kids like Soren by taking less than two minutes to call Senate Leadership urging them to free the bill and protect the 63,000 California school children with epilepsy.

Contact Information:
Senator Steinberg (Senate Pro Tem President): (916) 651-4006
Senator Christine Kehoe (Senate Appropriations Committee Chair): (916) 651-4039

I am calling to support SB 1051.

If they ask for more specifics, say ask them to please release this bill from Appropriations and protect children with epilepsy.