Friday, November 12, 2010

Keto Update: 2 Months

Two months in, I have to say, Soren is still doing remarkably well on this diet. Our total number of seizures from October 11-November 11 was 16! Considering Soren could previously have 16 seizures in a day, that's flippin' awesome!

This low number is because we have a GREAT 2 weeks of seizure freedom. It was amazing to see how much more alert and vocal Soren was during this weeks. We started seeing more hits of smiles and laughs. He was interactive and happy.

And it wasn't only Soren who felt this way. All of us were so much happier. Suddenly we all realized that we didn't tense up every time Soren made a suspicious sound. We didn't have to run over to Soren when we heard him seizing. We didn't have to make hash-marks on the seizure calendar. It like we could all breathe a little easier.

Then he caught a cold and with the cold came the seizures. Still, even though his defenses were down and the seizures returned, there were significantly fewer than prior to the diet.

The bummer was that after the cold, the seizures didn't immediately go away, which is what I was hoping. They did, however, taper down. But the hard thing was that we had that sadness back. He'd have a seizure and our hearts would sink. And we had something wonderful to compare this feeling to because of those 2 weeks.

BUT, we have now had 2 days without seizures. So we're crossing our fingers that this streak will continue and that we can all find that happy place again.