Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 100!

Soren has been tonic-clonic free for 100 days! Yahoo!

In other news, we had his 3rd IEP (Individualized Education Plan) earlier this month. This is where we sit down with his teachers and therapists to see how Soren has progressed through the year and what goals we should have for the next year. I've written before that this is a big meeting where big decisions are made. This one went even smoother than last year's. Soren is going to continue getting the same services (PT, OT, Vision, and Speech Therapies) from the school or at off-site clinics.

One big change was that for one of Soren's PT sessions, we are going to an intensive therapy clinic called Joy for Kids. There Joy, the therapist, offers Therasuit therapy using a Universal Exercise Unit. We did an 3 week intensive of this 2 years ago and Soren made great progress. Joy has a contract with Soren's school district, so we decided to change his hour of school-based therapy to Joy's clinic. It means I have to drive Soren (he's taken to his other PT/OT session on the bus), but we think it's totally going to be worth it. He really needs this extra challenge to kick things up.

And with being seizure-free we have high hopes for this next school year!