Monday, January 08, 2007

Moira Kisses

Moira was in a very kissy mood last night. And so she began kissing on Soren, who was sitting in his feeding chair having just finished dinner.

The more she kissed him, the happier he got until he was finally smiling and giggling at the kisses.

I then asked him if he saw his big sister. He had been looking away from her as he got his kisses. I asked him again, "Do you see your big sister standing next to you?"

Soren has the most amazing and expressive eyebrows. He was clearly thinking, trying to get his brain to get the message to his body. And it took him a couple seconds, but he finally turned his head and looked right at Moira.

I asked him if he liked the kisses. And, I kid you not, we all heard him say in a little voice, "Uh hunh." Aaron and my jaws dropped. Moira about passed out.

He looked away again. She gave him more kisses. I asked him again if he knew his sister was there. And, again, after a couple second delay, he moved his head and looked at Moira.

Now those are some powerful kisses!


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