Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eye Surgery

Soren is scheduled for eye surgery Monday, February 12th.

As you can see in many of his pictures, Soren's right eye turns in.

I've written about how he prefers his left eye. We've acutally been patching his left eye for about 3 to 4 months to strengthen his right eye.

His neuro-ophthalmologist feels that developmentally, Soren's brain is probably about ready to start working on his eyes moving together (this usually happens in typical kids between 3-6 months of age). Despite his age, this is where Soren is developmentally. And he's been making some good progress lately (he's holding things better with his right hand, he's responding when we ask him questions now and again).

There is only a brief window of opportunity when the brain is able to learn to work the eyes together. If it doesn't learn then, the brain learns to instead work them seperately.

So, we are doing the surgery in the hope that this is the right time for Soren's brain to learn to work them together. We are also hoping that his vision is about equal in both eyes. The latter is a little difficult to tell since Soren can't answer the question, "Which is better, 1 or 2?" But, as well as we can estimate, Soren's vision is about equal.

I'll update about this after the surgery so you'll know how it did.


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