Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Good Week

I know I'm celebrating a good week early, but I want to celebrate it while it's still good. Soren has had, actually, a GREAT week.

After that rough weekend I didn't know what to expect. Well, my fears were set aside because he's been chipper, babbling, alert, kicking, eating well, responding when we talk to him.

On Tuesday he had a great Physical/Occupational Therapy session. And he'd really been giving them hell the past few months.

He'd did so well on Tuesday, I was nervous for Wednesday. Same therapy center, but different therapists and he's REALLY been giving that pair a rough time. When Soren was dropped off from school yesterday, I asked his bus driver how he seemed after therapy. He said Soren was singing going in and singing coming out. So what happened inbetween?

I called his therapist for the update and she was SO HAPPY. Soren had done the best he'd done in months. She said it was like a different boy. He sat on the swing, he didn't complain, and he worked very hard.

So I want to celebrate this success while it's here. Good job Soren!


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