Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Talbert Family Foundation

  • The Talbert Family Foundation
  • is an amazing organization that, in their words, "is dedicated to providing financial assistance to local families with members suffering from catastrophic illnesses, primarily cancer. We try to locate families that need financial assistance and provide funds without any strings attached through a program we call "TFF Kids"."

    Now, while Soren does not have cancer, we found out about this foundation through an amazing little boy who does.

    Previously I wrote about
  • FYN
  • and his diagnosis of cancer and current battle to beat it. And he is doing a GREAT job of it. In fact, his chemo has worked so well, he is having surgery tomorrow to remove some of the tumor. So please, please, PLEASE keep him in your thoughts. The Talbert Family Foundation found Fyn. In finding Fyn, they found Fyn's generous mom, Dayla. Dayla then directed them towards us because, while Soren doesn't have cancer, his illness is VERY catastrophic.

    Julie Talbert and I then found each other and Julie welcomed Soren in as a TFF Kid. What does this mean? This means that Soren can now receive TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS through their foundation. And every dime of that donation goes to Soren. They don't take a cut. They don't scim off the top. They don't even take a little off the back end. Instead, they provide an option for people who may not have the time or energy to do the paperwork to set up a foundation. Yet, these kids and their families get the benefits of tax-deductible donations.

    And as if that isn't generous enough, The Talbert Family Foundation is going to match the first $5,000 that we get donated! This totally blows me away. And this is through regular donations or tickets to "Dracula and the Beanstalk."

    So, I want to thank Fyn, whose powerful battle led us to these people, Dayla for guiding them to Soren, Cindy for changing Soren's donation pages AGAIN to accomodate the change, Julie Talbert, her family, and the entire The Talbert Family Foundation for welcoming our little boy as a TFF Kid.


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