Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Seizure and EEG Results

Soren had a seizure today. One that I actually witnessed. His teacher had mentioned last week that he had one, but unless I see it, I don't believe it. I am The Queen of Denial. But this one was undeniable. He looked like an archer drawing back his bow. One arm was straight, the other was bent. He had a fixed gaze. His heart was racing. And so was mine. This is a tonic seizure.

It's interesting how the second I see that, I get so very sad. It just breaks my heart. The thing is, it's probably just because Soren is a growing boy and has surpassed his current dosage of Lamictal. I called his neurologist and got the okay to increase his evening dose. We'll see how he does in three days or so. I trust that it will be fine. But still, the thought of going back to when he was seizing every day is too overwhelming to fathom.

In talking with his doctor, I also got Soren's EEG results from last week. Pretty much the same. He has a "spike wave on the right" which could indicate that he could be a surgical candidate in the future--but no guarantee. There was also a little bit of spiking on the left, but not as much. There was no sign of hypsarythmia, which is fantastic! That's 2 EEGs without that! And while last time he had background slowing, this time he only had "intermittent" background slowing. I'm hoping this is indicative of the development we've been seeing.

So, some bad, some good. Some frustration, some hope.