Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Seizures

Soren had another seizure last night. He had it right before Aaron and I were about to go out. Since Soren hadn't had one in so long, it was the first time his babysitter ever saw one. Luckily we were there to make sure she knew what was going on. He was fine once it was done. He fell asleep as usual. I was, foolishly, hoping this would be the last we'd see.

But then he had another one during breakfast. Soren woke up really chipper, moving all about. He was eating great. And then he froze. I fished the food out of his mouth. He breathed through this one, though he still seemed to turn a little blue. Afterwards he conked out again. Now he has woken up and looks great.

It's hard. I need to be patient. We only increased his dosage last night. It will take a couple days to kick in, if it works. Hope with us that it does.


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