Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Monday

We had another seizure-free day! It was really wonderful.

Plus, Soren had a good day in general. After a week off from school, Soren went back to UCLA. They have a computer there with a very large button for Soren to press to activate the program. He was pressing the button with purpose, which is a positive change.

After school we went to visit Fyn in the hospital. He's looking good. Weary and sore, but good. Soren was being fussy, so we put him on Fyn's bed to stretch. Fyn said Soren smelled like frosting. I was confused by this until I realized that we put cocoa butter lotion on Soren every day. Fyn was right. Soren did smell like frosting.

Then Soren did a great job in Speech Therapy. His therapists are all finally figuring out what Soren is motivated by--food. We're getting him to stand for food (with support), look at pictures for food, and today we were working on the sign language sign for "more" with food.

Then this evening he was in a nasty, foul mood. I tried everything to settle him down. Snuggling, milk, but he wouldn't be consoled. It's funny, today at the hospital he was very fussy, wanting to get out of his stroller. But he wasn't crying. Fyn's mom Dayla asked if Soren ever really cried. And he usually doesn't. He doesn't get that emotional very often. But tonight he did. Just mad, red faced, tears, screaming and pissed off. And even though it was frustrating, it was good to see him just be fussy like a typical kid. Eventually he turned to his side and just passed out. Whatever was making him mad was over.

I'll keep you all up to speed on the seizures (or lack of them)!


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