Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dark Day, Getting Better

It's been a very stressful 5 days. As I wrote earlier, Soren had 2 seizures on Wednesday. I contacted his doctor and got the okay to increase the Lamictal by 5 mg for his evening dose.

Then Thursday Soren had 5 seizures. Tonic again. 30 seconds each. Spaced out by about 3 hours. He was post-ictal after each one, quite wiped out. Though, once he got through that, he bounced back to his usual chipper, kicking self. I think I was more wiped out than him, not bouncing back quite as well. Plus Aaron had to work that night. I ended up calling him and crying my eyes out. I thought I was better, but then my sister called and I balled again. Then my friend Sheri called, and it happened once more. Just when I'd finally finished, Aaron came home early, having gotten excused from work.

Friday Soren had 2 seizures, one in front of friends who had never witnessed one, so that was a bummer.

Yesterday we only saw 1 in the morning. Then last night we were at some friends' house and Soren was an absolute charmer--talking, kicking, turning to his side. My fear is him regressing developmentally, losing the gains he has made. So far that doesn't seem to have happened.

Today I haven't seen any. He was laughing and smiling while I fed him his avocado. Big green grins. Silly goose.

So now I continue to watch like a hawk. It's rather nerve-wracking. I don't like to have him out of my sight even though there's nothing I can do once the seizure starts. I just want him to know that I'm here for him. And it appears that the increase in the Lamictal is doing it's job. Cross your fingers.


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