Friday, June 09, 2006

Ahead with Horses Fun Day!

Hello All,

I should have posted this a LONG time ago. BUT, if you aren't doing anything Sunday and feel like driving to Sun Valley to see some kids on horses, come to the
  • Ahead with Horses Fun Day
  • The address is 9311 DEL ARROYO DRIVE, SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA 91352. You'll have to park down at the school and then bus up because of the number of people that come. But it's going to be a blast!

    Let me tell you about Ahead with Horses, which has a link on the right sidebar. They are an AMAZING organization. Soren rides a horse once a week at Ahead with Horses. It's a form of physical therapy. The theory is that, for children like Soren that don't walk, getting the horses movement into their body helps them connect with that movement. Then, for more able bodied kids, it helps them with balance. I've seen kids standing on the horses doing "tricks." It's really cool.

    Ahead with Horses helps kids with varying disabilities--kids like Soren, kids with CP, kids with ADHD. They run the gammut.

    So, if you want to come to the Fun Day on Sunday, it starts at 11:00. Soren will be in a presentation where he rides a horse at 1:00. There's food, games, and general merriment. I have FREE tickets if you want them. If you want to pay at the door, it's $12 for adults and $6 for kids.

    If you just want to donate to this amazing organization (I know, all I do is ask for money), click
  • here

  • I'll post pictures of Soren's ride!


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