Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Other Advantages from the Diet

Since the beginning of Soren having seizures at 6 months old, the goal has obviously been to get seizure control. With that control, Soren's development and cognition could hopefully proceed. Not that he would necessarily become a typical kid. But without seizure storms attacking his brain, things would have to at least get better. This is all we've ever wanted. Yet, despite all our efforts, it's been impossible for us to achieve.

From what I have gathered of the kids on the Keto Diet, 1/3 get seizure control, 1/3 get a decrease in seizures, and 1/3 have no improvements and stop the diet.

But my Fellow-Roommate Mom in the hospital had a friend who visited whose daughter has been on the diet for a year now. And while her daughter hasn't gotten any seizure control and has actually had to increase meds, she has had great cognitive gains. This little girl went from not being able to read prior to the diet to being able to read since starting.

This is something I had never heard. Progress with seizures? Wow! Now, don't get me wrong. I want these flippin' seizures to stop! Soren turns 7 next week. A decrease or stopping of seizures would be a pretty sweet birthday present. But if he can start making gains despite the seizures, I will be quite thrilled.


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