Monday, September 13, 2010

Keto Diet: Hospital Day 1

Our first day started super rough. At home, Soren had to start the fast and start drinking a special Keto Shake made up of KetoCal (this vanilla-flavored powder stuff), Applejuice, and Water. Despite telling Soren about it and that he would be drinking a different drink from his usual whole milk, he was clearly not pleased.

Soren is still bottle fed. I popped some of his morning meds in his mouth as usual (he's really good about swallowing these down) and put the bottle nipple in his mouth. Some of the fluid flowed in his mouth and he then chomped his front teeth down on the nipple. This is NEVER a good sign. He always gets a mildly annoyed, devilish look in his eye as if to say, "What the hell is this crap?!"

And then he held it in the back of his mouth. Just waiting. Letting the pills dissolve. Giving me a look like, "I can hold out longer than you, Mom!" Then he began dribbling it out the sides. Remember, I'm supposed to get every drop in the boy. And especially today, because this is all the hydration he's getting!

So I took the nipple out and we continued out stand off. And then Soren did something he's NEVER done to me before. He peed on me getting my lap and his side soaked. Now, granted, this had to do with the angle of his body and that his diaper was gapping. But it seemed like such defiance!

Then he sneezed. Fortunately, it wasn't a spray sneeze. And at the end of his sneeze, he swallowed all that was left in his mouth. That was the BEST thing that could have happened. Suddenly he realized that I wasn't feeding him poison. In fact, the look he gave me told me that he kind of liked it. He then proceeded to drink the rest of the bottle down without incident and I got all his meds in. Whew!

Granted, I then had to bathe him and hose myself off a bit. But we survived.

Since then, all has been running smoothly. Soren has sucked down his past 2 shakes with no problem. We have snuggled and all is forgiven. And we only 3 more shakes to go today!

We are now in Huntington, checked into a very large room we're sharing with another family starting the Keto Diet. This is actually rather nice, since the other boy's Mom knows WAY more than me (she's done the diet before). As usual, I'm learning off other people's experience!

Soren is about to get hooked up to the EEG/Telemetry to monitor his seizures and we will really be on our way!



WhitneyBooze said...

wow - it seems like a very big deal; but it just might be worth it!! Wouldnt' that be great?!
I have heard lits of success stories with the diet, and a few failures. I am praying that SOren is a success.
I always peak in on your adorable boy to check up on you guys. You were one of the first people I met when Suzy put us on this journey. You were there for me in the beginning, and I appreciate it.

Hugs to you! Good luck.
Whitney Booze

Soren Patrick Rogers said...

Thank you, Whitney. We're crossing our fingers!