Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keto Diet: Hospital Day 2

I have been told that Day 2 of the Keto Diet is supposed to very hard. The fat starts hitting the system, which can make the child nauseated. Also, because of the lack of carbs, the blood sugar drops and the child can become lethargic.

Well, Soren's blood sugar is actually higher than they expected but he's been sleeping all day. Now this could be because he was a party-boy last night, chatting until the wee hours. It could also be that he's annoyed with this whole situation and has decided to shut down (a common response for Soren).

Either way, while Day 2 hasn't been horribly hard (thank goodness), it hasn't been easy because Soren is so sleepy he's not eating and has been dribbling out a lot of his fluids. The upshot is a frustrated Mommy.

Soren has had some seizures today, which is to be expected. But they are fewer and less intense than usual.

Now if he would just wake up to eat and drink!


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