Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Keto Diet Step 3: Calculating and Measuring

The next step was for me to get trained in the Keto Diet. And the first part of this was buying a scale that measures by the gram. Every morning when I turn this on, I have to calibrate the scale to make sure that it weighting properly.

Next, I needed to make up Ketogenic Diet menus for Soren. Thankfully, I am working with a lovely dietitian at the Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program in Pasadena who led me to the Ketocalculator site where she had done a number of these for me already and taught me how to do it myself.

And it's kinda fun. You choose a category--protein, fat, carbs--and punch in the what goes in recipe--egg, butter, avocado, lime juice, salsa. Then you put in how many grams of each you think you might need to get the correct ratio.

Soren is going on a 4:1 ratio. Now if I'm understanding this right, the 4 in this is the amount of fat to the 1 which is the amount of protein and the carbs added together. And I would try to describe the next part of the calculations, but frankly it baffles me. Basically I sit there clicking numbers up and down until everything adds up correctly.

Here's a sample menu for Tilapia Avocado

5 grams of lime juice
21 grams of tilapia
18 grams of butter
24 grams of avocado
60 grams of heavy cream (to drink, not to mix in the food)

So the next step is for me to measure this out on the scale. And I must do this EXACTLY. Don't go up to 21.1 grams of tilapia! But this part is kind of fun too (at least right now) which is a surprise since I am the LEAST scientific person I know!

Last, I mash up all that deliciousness and get Soren to eat EVERY BIT!!! As in scrape the bottom of the bowl and get every morsel in you can. And this has to be done at THAT DESIGNATED meal time. If he doesn't eat the whole thing, I can't feed it to him later. The "good" thing is that the meals are so small, Soren will probably wolf it down in seconds. The bad thing is I'm afraid he'll be hungry (though being in ketosis is supposed to curb your appetite).

Next up...Soren goes into the hospital for his controlled fasting into the land of Ketosis.


xb said...

I assume that one of your butters is avocado. This is intriguing. How can you be perfectly on in grams? I am assuming that you cook all your stuff AND THEN weigh it, right???

Soren Patrick Rogers said...

Yes! I goofed in my writing. One of those was supposed to be avocado. I fixed that. The scientific scale I have measures grams past the decimal point (does that make sense?) so I can get it exactly right. And, yes, things need to be cooked before weighing, like the eggs.

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