Monday, December 03, 2007

Slacking Off

I apologize for not keeping up with the blog. Between Thanksgiving, my getting a part-time job, preparing for Christmas, and going to the DR next Tuesday, I've been a little swamped.

But here's an update. Thanksgiving was lovely. We went to my sister's and Soren had a great time being in the middle of the hubbub. He really seems to like being in the middle of a social group more and more, which is nice. We had a seizure-free Thanksgiving Day for the first time in 3 years! But then to balance that, he had 1 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. But he recovered from them well and kept on truckin'.

We split the drive up in half on the way home, driving to Desert Hot Springs on Saturday and staying at a hotel with lots of warm to hot pools. Soren had a blast laying in Aaron's arms in warm water with a big smile on his face cooing happily.

Last week wasn't so great seizure-wise. He had a few early in the week then Thursday he had 2 at school and 3 at home. At that point we gave him Diastat so he could have a good, seizure-free sleep.

Friday we went to see the "VNS gatekeeper"--the neurologist who looks over the info to officially decide is Soren is a good candidate for the VNS. He, in fact, is. But this doctor suggested we try getting into the Clobazam study first, which was our plan!

And we are looking forward to some nice, balmy weather next week in Miami and the DR as we go for Soren's 5th stem cell treatment! We are very excited, though I'm freaking out that I'm missing a week of childless Christmas shopping. Gotta go hit the malls!


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lmjasinski said...


I just found this neat website that might appeal to you. Auction Pal is a competitor of Ebay but with a neat "twist." Individuals can list items for sale and automatically divert the funds to a "cause." I have no idea how many users are on this site, but it's sort of a neat take on fundraising.

Worth checking out!

It was great to see you all over Thanksgiving --

Lisa (and Patrick)