Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DR 5: MIA Airport

Our flight on Thursday wasn't until 11 am. So we figured we had to get to the airport at 9 am which meant we had to leave the hotel at 8 am which meant we had to get up at 6 am. Having not fully adjusted to the time change, it felt like we were getting up at 3 am. I actually felt fine. Little did I know that I would soon run out of adrenaline and dissolve into a puddle of goo.

When we awoke on Thursday, we were still a bit fearful of TS OLGA that we had seen the night before. We checked the news and saw nothing so we headed to the Miami Airport feeling cautiously optimistic.

For anyone who has been through the Miami Airport, you know what an amazing zoo it is. We arrived and checked our bags at the curb in a rather timely fashion. This was impressive since we were flying internationally and had deal with passports.

Then we went into MIA, which, as usual, was packed with people. But one thing I can say is that they have a designated area for People with Disabilities (PWD). We hopped in that line and got through quickly again. Smooth sailing, right? I should have known.

We got to the gate in plenty of time. I went to Starbucks for some iced tea and hot chocolates. I then returned with Soren's bottle, asking if they could put it in a cup of hot water to warm it. The ladies there put his bottle in the smallest cup. I asked if they could put it in a Venti. "No, we don't do that!" was the rather abrupt response. I actually know that they DO do that. I've had them do it several times before. But I was stuck with this dinky cup of hot water with my cold bottle in it. Needless to say, that water got cold quick and the milk was not warm.

So I returned and requested a Venti full of hot water that I would pay for. Even then I got attitude. I paid for it and then they wouldn't actually put the bottle in the cup and then fill the water. Instead, they gave me a cup full of boiling hot water. Well, I needed to get the bottle in and account for the water that was being displaced. Long story short (well, not really) a burned my hand, dropped the cup and the bottle in the trash, and cussed in front of these two older women customers who were just trying to put some sugar in their coffee.

This is where the breakdown began. All my exhaustion and now burning pain brought me to tears at the Starbucks stand. The poor ladies were handing me wetnaps, trying to help. The ladies behind the counter FINALLY listened to me and filled the cup WITH the bottle in it. They also supplied me with ice for my burned hand. As all this is happening, Moira came up to me to tell me that Soren just had a seizure. Plus it was time to board the plane.

So my great plans to tank Soren up were dashed as he was passed out and we had to pack up and get on the plane. This is, of course, when I saw various friends of mine from previous trips. I was a red-eyed, embarrassed mess trying to socialize with everyone. Ugh!

The terminal we were in didn't allow us to go directly from the terminal to the jet-way to the plane. Instead, all the "wheelies" had to line up for the elevator, which was about the size of a shoe box. Talk about bad design.

And instead of loading all of us first, we were loaded last. This is complicated for us since we are hauling so much equipment, now bonking into people as we boarded. And I have friends who always get the bulk head and they, since the plane was now full, they had no place to put all their stuff. But in the end, we got on the plane, which fortunately took off on time--no storm delays.

Soren eventually woke up and I pulled out the now luke warm milk (Soren is particular about it being quite warm). It looked a little chunky, so I gave it a shake. When it didn't blend together, I decided a new, cold bottle was in order. This time Aaron, who knew I had gone over the edge, handled the milk warming.

Getting into the DR was fine. Getting through integration, fine. Our luggage came out in record time. AND our taxi was there waiting for us. Huzzah!

Then there was the hotel...But that is for tomorrow.


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