Thursday, December 27, 2007

DR 5: Stem Cell Treatment

Back to my long-winded story. We woke up on Friday morning for Soren's treatment. We were supposed to be picked up at 10:30, so we cleaned up, had breakfast, and went to the lobby to wait for our driver.

While the kids and I waited, Aaron went to the room to warm up milk for Soren (that darn milk). Now, to do this, we have to heat the purified water in the little coffee pot provided. The coffee pot was not behaving well, spilling water everywhere. So, thinking he was running late, Aaron came to the lobby with lukewarm milk. As I mentioned before, Soren is particular about his milk temp.

By now our ride was 30 minutes late, so we turned on my phone to see if there were any messages. Well, we should have done this the day before, because our appointment had been changed, but my phone had died, so I didn't get it. Oops!

With more time on our hands, we returned to our room, heated the milk more, and got it into Soren before our new pick-up time. For the first time, all of us went to the clinic. Last time, Aaron came with me while Mo was at the hotel with her grandparents. But we needed Aaron's strength to help hold Soren down who, now that he's gotten strong with these treatments, resists getting the shots!

So in we all piled and had another E-ticket ride back into town to the clinic in La Romana. A storm came in just as we were getting unloaded, dodging the warm rain as we ran in. Dr. Rader and his wife welcomed us warmly. It was great to see them again.

We got into our room, but things were running really late. Some of our friends were in the next room, so we got to visit. And we came prepared with snacks and our DVD player. Once it was our turn, everything went as smooth as silk. The nurse who did Soren's IV did a great job. Soren wasn't happy with the shots in his leg. As soon as we were finished, a car was waiting and we had another exciting ride back.

We ended up finishing the same time as our friends and arrived back at the hotel for some much-needed, inclusive libations and pizza!

Last up, our return trip home!


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