Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Rough Start to A New Year

I'm taking another break before writing the final leg of our DR trip to wish you all a Happy New Year.

We had fun stuff planned today. Start with some yoga, clean up the family, and then head out to see Water Horse.

But after yoga, I went to get Soren out of bed and he had some froth at the side of his mouth and he looked very drifty eyed. Clearly I had just missed a seizure. He slept and I checked him about an hour later-just as he was having another seizure. Aaron and I took action and gave Soren Diastat. This knocked him out until around 11:30, when we got him up for some milk and lunch.

With Soren's seizures, we decided a change of plans was in order, so Aaron and Mo headed off to the movie together while Soren and I hung home. I got most of his milk and food into him. But on his last bite, I noticed Soren's eyes were flicking to the left, which sometimes happens pre-seizure.

Sure enough, he went into another full-blown 90 second tonic-clonic. This was very frustrating since we'd already done the Diastat and you can only give that about once a week. Ugh.

The sad thing is, Soren hadn't had a seizure since December 19th. He'd been happy, social, having a great vacation. So for him to be hit so hard the day before school starts up again is very depressing.

Not the best way to start off the new year. But then, tomorrow is another day.