Monday, January 21, 2008

Art Show Success!

Hey Everyone,

It's been a crazy couple days, with Soren's fundraiser and then recovering from Soren's fundraiser.

But the Opening Reception at Monkeyhouse went great! We had a HUGE turnout. I was running around like a crazy chicken, overwhelmed by it all.

Nick the Ring was an amazing DJ. Trader Joe's provided yummy snacks. And Silver Lake Wine Co. provided the fantastic wine!

And we sold art. Lots and lots of art! Of the pieces on the wall from the post below, I think 38 pieces sold! And the ones that didn't are awesome too, so I'm sure they will soon!

Beyond the art sales, people were very generous with donations, which was so lovely.

By the end of that evening, we raised over $8,000! That freakin' rocks!

And it actually went SO well, we are thinking of having a closing night party! We have extra wine. We're just looking into getting more art to fill the walls. So if you want to throw in an art piece, there's still time!

Thank you to everyone who donated pieces! Thank you to everyone who came! Thank you to everyone who purchased! And thank you to everyone who donated!

And a HUGE thank you to two amazing women.

First, MAYRA AT MONKEYHOUSE!!!! She has been so generous with her time and her space. And she is surrounded by wonderful friends who donated their time to help hang the art and set up the party.

Second, my amazing friend Sheri, who drove out for the event, helped me pick up wine, also helped set up the party, and kept my hydrated all night. Seriously, I was so busy, I didn't eat or drink anything until she brought me some water. And on our way home at 10:30, she bought me In 'n Out. I would have passed out without her.