Thursday, December 20, 2007

DR 5: Casa del Mar

When last I left you, we had gotten into our taxi cab. Now riding in a taxi in the DR is, as my friend Tammy puts it, an E-ticket ride. It's a 2 lane road. People pass a slow bus or moped piled with 2 or more people despite that there is oncoming traffic. We basically have to hope against hope that we weren't meant to die in a 3rd World Country while getting our son medical treatment.

Arriving at Casa del Mar, we met up with our favorite bell boy, who recognized us from trips past. However, our room wasn't ready. Desperate to jump in the pool and cool down, Mo and Aaron changed into suits while Soren and I hung out waiting for the room. I thought I had booked what they call a suite, which is really just 2 adjoining rooms with a couch in the second room. We always have to request 2 twin roll aways for the kids. Remembering this, I went up to the front desk. They assured me this was taken care of and that our room was ready. However, when I arrived at the room, I discovered that it was not the "suite" but a regular room with 2 double beds. Doubles just don't work for us. Soren ends up kicking the pucky out of Moira and hogging the bed, much like an insistent, but loving, cat.

Annoyed, Soren and I went back to the front desk. I showed the host my emails stating that I'd booked (at least I thought) a suite. They showed me counter emails (which I didn't have but do remember) stating the difference between a "grande" room and a "suite." Of course there was a considerable price difference! Now I was overheated, overwrought, and over it! I threatened to leave the damn place as I was breaking down (once again) in tears.

So they agreed to give me the same price and offered me a room to look at. I was escorted by our favorite bell boy and knew immediately that it was unacceptable. It was right behind the theater, which has noisy shows that go until midnight. I broke down even more in front of this poor man who was only trying to help. I told him I had to talk to Aaron.

Of course, I went to the pool and they had gotten out, looking for me. Desperate to find them, I was now shaking to pieces with tears just streaming down my face. I finally found Mo and Aaron, who sat me down (Mo stroked my hair) while Aaron dealt with the situation with a level head. He got us a quiet room for the low price. We got to the room, put Soren on the bed so he could finally stretch out after being in his seat for 4 hours. I then laid next to him and fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke, I had regained a bit of my sanity and the world looked a little brighter. And then we had dinner, which always makes me feel good.

Tomorrow, the main event, treatment! And I'm glad to say it was WAY less traumatic than this!


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