Monday, November 19, 2007


Last year at this time, I wrote a note thanking you all for caring about Soren. Well, I had a conversation last night that made me realize that I must do this again.

Through the amazing world of the internet, Aaron's ex-girlfriend from high school ended up finding my website which then led her here to Soren's blog. And then the sad coincidence is that her sister has two children with Epilepsy. So she emailed me to check if it was okay to give our information to her sister. We said of course, feeling that we always have to help others in this unfortunate situation.

What's even more unfortunate is that her sister hasn't had any one to talk to--no support group, no friends in the same boat, no respite or state assistance. When all this started with her first son, she was actually shunned by people she told. This made her close off from telling people and reaching out for help.

This made me so sad for her and her family. But it also made me so thankful for all of you. I don't know how many people read Soren's blog. But I'm always happily surprised when someone sends me a note saying they were catching up on the blog. You all have expressed concern over Soren's seizures, were indignant when we were treated badly, or were happy to see how good he's looking.

From the beginning of this journey, all our friends and family have been there for us--friends with typical kids, friends with special needs kids, friends with no kids! I didn't realize that this isn't true for everyone and how lucky I am to have all that. And I'm really, really thankful. Without all of you there sending your good thoughts to us, I don't know what I'd do.

And as this journey continues, it's our turn to help someone who needs the support you all have given us. I know it was really hard for her to call me last night, but I'm so glad she did. Aaron went online after the call and found a bunch of information on state assistance and Epilepsy support in her area. Hopefully this will lead her to getting the support and guidance she needs.

Thank you all for reading. Thank you all for caring. Thank you all for being our friends. It really means the world to us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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