Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back from the DR

Hello All!

We have returned! Soren's treatment went very well. He slept a lot afterwards and had quite an appetite when he was awake. Now we watch and wait and hope for great things!

As for our trip, it went well overall, though--as with any trip--not everything went as planned. The biggest hitch was that I got food poisoning Friday night. Thus, our day of fun on the beach was spent by Aaron and Moira while Soren and I hung out in the room. Ugh. Next time, I'm staying away from the shrimp!

We met lots of lovely families who were also there for treatments. I spoke with a bunch of first timers--a woman who had had a stroke, parents of a boy with CP. Then there were many folks who, like us, were there for their a follow-up visit. Clayton was there--looking great as ever. It was actually nice to hang out at the hotel (when I wasn't sick) with these friends who all understood each others situations.

I will keep you updated on progress and post pictures once we have them developed (we had our old-fashioned camera with us this trip).

Thanks for your good thoughts! Love to you all!


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