Monday, November 27, 2006

DR Trippin'

We are off to the DR on Wednesday! WAHOOOOOOOO!

It's been a long-time comin' and it's finally here. I'm in a bit of a scramble to repack our bags (we got back yesterday from my sister's house in Scottsdale where we went for Thanksgiving). Currently I'm procrastinating and writing this post instead of folding newly washed clothes.

Actually, I just finished confirming all of our reservations. When I called the hotel at the DR, the man at the reservation desk asked if it was my first time at their hotel--which it is. We decided to switch after having a mediocre hotel experience on our last trip. When I told him it was my first time he said, in his great Spanish accent, "Come for the fun! Come for the paradise!" I was so thrown by this I had to confirm this is actually what he said. It was. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was coming for the stem cell injections since he was so excited about the fun and the paradise.

But we hope to get a day of that in as well. One of the nice things about this hotel is that it's actually ON the beach. The last place we stayed, we had to load the kids into a golf cart and drive to the beach. This is a bit of a challenge with Soren and his big old stroller. The new hotel is also more wheelchair accessible, according to all my DR-traveling friends in the know. That will be quite a nice change from all the stairs we had to maneuver on our last trip.

We'll be flying out of LAX Wednesday into Miami. We'll spend the night at an airport hotel. Then Thursday we'll continue on to La Romana in the DR. It's really the best and most human way to do it with two kids.

Friday Soren gets his injection. Saturday we get to enjoy "the fun and the paradise." A nice thing is that the DR's air temperature and water temperature are both VERY warm. Soren LOVES that. And their beach is protected by a reef, so the waters are super mellow. At least Soren will get a little treat after getting juiced up.

Then we get back on the plane Sunday to go to Miami. And Monday we'll return to L.A. Rather whirlwind. But totally worth it! We're really excited about what this treatment could bring. I'll take pictures and write an update when we get back. Wish us luck!


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Anonymous said...

Good luck and God bless on your trip!

Very scary news on the microcephaly... I have a kiteboarding acquaintance who has two teenage kids with microcephaly. He and his wife are both saints, as despite this huge handicap in their family, they are wonderful, fun, happy people to be around.

Our prayers are with you.

Mike, Margaret, Luke, and Quinn