Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Calabasas Classic 5K/10K Run

Last Saturday I ran my first 5K! Amazing, shocking, but true!

I ran it in support of The Talbert Family Foundation, which has given so much to Soren. Because of them, Soren can get tax-deductible donations. They also gave us a $5,000 honorarium when he became a TFF kid. And when we raised our first $5,000, they matched it.

So I trained (if you know me, you know this is quite a feat) and ran for the foundation and for Soren.

And I'm lucky enough to have some athletic friends who came to support Soren as well! My friend Keith actually ran the 5K with me, which was fantastic. It was a good, tough course and it was great to have a friend beside me.

Then my longtime college friend Neil ran the 10K (and did quite well, I might add). Aaron's former coworker Mona and her friend also ran the 10K. Amazing!

Then I was also lucky enough to see my friend Cindy who was voluteering her time to the Foundation. AND I FINALLY got to meet the lovely Julie Talbert of The Talbert Family Foundation. It was a great day. The event (which was held with much support in Calabasas) was fantastic with an amazing turn out!

Very cool. And now that I know I can do it, I plan to do it again next year!


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