Thursday, December 07, 2006

Microcephaly Update

I wrote earlier about my trip to the geneticist and the whole CDKL5 gene. Part of that was the geneticist commenting on Soren's drop off in head growth and the possibility of microcephaly. After looking it up on the net, I totally freaked out. In case you were like me, let me put your fears at ease.

Soren and I went to his neurologist and I mentioned the lack of head growth. He looked at me unimpressed and asked, "How old is he?" "Three," I said. "Everyone's head growth drops off at 3. Otherwise we'd have huge heads."

WHEW! Did that make me feel better. He said that Soren's head growth is on track, which means that his brain growth is on track.

Update on the CDKL5 testing, we are going to have blood drawn this month to test for this since we just got insurance approval. I'll keep you posted.


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