Monday, December 18, 2006

Getting Treatment

People often ask about how long this whole treatment takes. Is Soren in the hospital for days? What it's like?

Well, I was there the whole time. They put an IV into his arm and blocked his elbow so he wouldn't bend it. They flush it with saline for about 30 minutes or so to make sure the needle is in his vein. Then they come in and inject one round of the stem cells into to the IV.

Then he gets the 2nd round of stem cells which consists of 2 shots in each thigh.

Saline is flushed through the IV line for a while. I spent most of my time during the whole procedure making sure Soren didn't move his arm (he kept wanting to throw it up in the air). So my body was across him through most of the afternoon to prevent him from moving. While I did this, I watched Sunset Boulevard on our portable DVD player (you can even see it on his bed actually paused on the movie!). Thank goodness for that thing!

The whole process takes about 3 hours with prep, treatment, and post.

Then we go back to the hotel. A rather easy treatment in a distant land.


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