Monday, December 11, 2006

Navigating Seizures

So, Soren has had pretty good seizure control for a while. But, as I've written earlier, he will have breakthrough seizures. Whenever this happens, we freak out, watch to see how many he has during that day, and then call the pediatric neurologist on call to get the okay to increase his meds.

Well, now we are starting to finally catch on to when he has these breakthroughs. We knew he would have them during growth-spurts. Next we realized that PRIOR to any indications of illness (stuff nose, runny nose, cough), he has seizures.

But then there were times when he wasn't growing or getting sick but was seizing. This is during travel.

Think of how stressed and exhausted you get during travel. That stress kind of breaks down your defenses. Some people get sick when their defenses are down. Soren has seizures.

So, in hindsight, the seizures Soren had in Hawaii were probably due to exhaustion from travel. We had just come from visiting Aaron's folks in Washington, which was a big trip. Then we continued on to Lanai. I know I was beat, so Soren must have been too.

Next when we went to my sister's for Thanksgiving, Soren had a seizure (granted just one) on Thanksgiving Day. But, again, it was a break in his schedule, a LONG drive, and a lot of hubbub, which is overwhelming to us all.

Finally, on our recent DR trip, Soren had a seizure on the second leg of our journey, from Miami to La Romana. And then he had a bunch of seizures in the days while we were in the DR.

The nice thing (if there can be such a thing) for me was that I had finally caught on to this pattern. So I was not as stressed about him seizing. I didn't try to call the doctor. I didn't increase his medicine. I just watched and waited to see how Soren did once he got home.

And, you know what? He's been great! Not one seizures since we've been back. He's been happy, kicking, giggling. I think he's just really happy to be back home.