Thursday, April 13, 2006

Too Much Information

So, I'm writing this with a bit of sadness. I haven't looked up stuff on the internet about Soren's condition in a long time. But I had to to try and find out some facts. Boy, was that the wrong thing to do.

I went to two different sights that talked about Infantile Spasms and how poor the prognisis is for children with this disorder. That if your child has these kinds of seizures and doesn't get them under control, they become different kinds of seizures as a child develop. That it leads to mental retardation. Many children get diagnosed with Cerebral Palsey.

If you want to bum yourself out like I did, go to these sights.

I'm not recommending reading it, but upon doing so, you'll realize the full extent of what our future possibly holds. Make sure you have a stiff drink on hand.

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