Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good Thoughts for a Friend

Hello all. I need you all to send good thoughts to Soren's friend Maddy, who is having trouble getting control of her seizures right now. Maddy is currently in the hospital getting a special test called an Ictal Spect (ictal is another word for seizure).

Maddy started having seizures at 7 years old when she got encephalitis through a mosquito bite. After years of trying to get the seizures under control, they finally were under control for about 6 months (if I'm remembering corrently) just recently.

But then when they switched from one form of her medication to another, Maddy lost seizure control. It's amazing how something simple like that--which you would never think would mess something up--can totally upset everything.

I believe Maddy is now 14. And if the teen years didn't suck enough, having epilepsy makes it REALLY suck. So please send your thoughts to this amazing girl who is brave and a great example of how strong a person with epilepsy has to be.