Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And now for something light...

Now, I'm not meaning for this blog to be a big old downer, because Soren isn't a downer. He's a delightful boy with funny quirks like any other boy his age. And so I bring up an issue that is amusing in all 2 year olds. Pooping.

We have something for Soren that we call a "Vision Box". The real/official name for it is "The Little Room". If I was savvy enough, I'd give you a link, or attach a picture, but I'm not. Certain vision therapy centers provide them for their clients. Ours does not, so we got pictures from a friend and bootlegged one (Thanks to my sister's father-in-law. Thanks Marty!)

So imagine if you will, a plywood box with 3 walls, circular windows are cut in the walls, and plexiglass on the top of the box. On the underside of the box we have hung red, reflective Christmas ornaments. On the topside there is a string of rope light. The light bounces off the red ornaments and, unlike any toy we have put Soren under, he looks at, talks to, and hits at these ornaments (we've had to move the ones made of glass). For a boy with vision issues, it's a God's send.

So, where's the poop you ask? Good question. Whenever we put Soren in his vision box, he is delighted. Happy, talking, kicking. And 9 times out of 10, he poops. I'll put him down, leave the room, come back, and it stinks! Something about relaxing on his back, being enclosed, and looking at his ormanments inspires him. It's his equivalent to getting to read a magazine on the toilet. We have now dubbed it Soren's Litter Box.


Why We Type said...

I have GOT to get me one of those.

AnthonyB said...

And all this time I was eating prunes!