Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Brief History of Soren

Let me catch you all up a bit. My son, Soren Patrick Rogers, was born in September of 2003. It was a healthy pregnancy. He was born by scheduled C-section since my daughter had been born by emergency C-section. So everything was supposed to be cool. He was beautiful (still is) and the picture of health.

But as we went in to our check-ups at the pediatrician, we noticed that he wasn't hitting his milestones. What this means is between 0-6 months he was not holding up his head, grabbing for toys, smiling at our silly faces, bearing weight on his legs, or making any efforts to roll over. We thought he was just taking his own sweet time--which he was--but for a reason that we didn't yet know.

Desperate for some sort of answer, at 6 months we got Soren's eyes checked. The ophthalmologist said Soren was more far-sighted than usual. He needed glasses. Great, we thought. An easy fix! Get glasses, boy sees, boy smiles, etc. But because Soren wouldn't sit still to get his eyes refracted, we scheduled an eye exam under anesthesia. But the night before the exam when I was giving Soren a bath, he began to jerk his legs rhythmically. I was stunned. My first thought was, "Is that a seizure?" Having only seen seizures on T.V. I wasn't sure. It stopped and I said nothing.

The next day, coming out of anesthesia, Soren did the same thing. But this time he did it in front of my pediatrician sister. She identified his movements as a seizure, began to clock it, and called over another doctor. CAT scans, MRIs, and EEGs followed, all of which showed that while he was having seizures, there was no visible reason as to why.

March 5th, 2004 marked a drastic change in our lives from having a typical child to a child with special needs. And thus began our journey.


sheristr said...

I've never blogged before but want to send my love and hopeful wishes to the Rogers. You are a beautiful family on so many levels. I love you.

AnthonyB said...

Hi Amy - talk about opening me up to a new world. I had to start an account here to leave a comment so now I am a blogger too! I'll write you a personal e-mail but I just had to say how clever this was of you. Really outstanding - and now you can visit my blog which will be a mix of porn and Disney. Just kidding - no Disney. Just kidding again.

katiem said...

Hey Amy,

As you know, I'm one of the lucky ones who has seen Soren--even held him. Yay! He is the luckiest boy in the world to have you as his mother. (And Aaron's great too.) You are often in my thoughts. Love you.