Friday, March 09, 2007

My Little Stinker

On Tuesday I got a call from Soren's PT. No matter what she did, she could not wake him up to do therapy. He was just out. She asked if everything had been going okay, seizure-wise. I told her I sent Soren off that morning without incident. I thought he was being a stinker, yet again.

However, when Soren and I were walking home from picking Moira up from school, he had a seizures. A big one. Tonic-Clonic. 90 seconds.

So my theory changed and I figured that Soren probably had a seizure right before therapy and was then post-ictal during therapy.

At home that afternoon, he had 2 more big seizures. Having finally figured out his pattern of having seizures and then coming down with a cold, I kep him home on Wednesday.

Of course, he had no seizures (which I'm fine with) and he had no real cold symptoms beyond a very mild fever. And he was a delight all day. Kicking, giggling, smiling. We even went out to lunch together.

I swear the seizures take years off my life. But then he's such a sweetheart (and a stinker) that he charms me between those horrible bouts.

Smart boy.