Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Eyes Have It!

Soren had his 5 week post-surgical check-up today and his doctor was VERY pleased! Not only are Soren's eyes straight, he's actually using both to see!!!

Let me recap a bit. Soren had strabismis surgery to straighten his eyes. He clearly preferred his left and his right would turn in quite a bit. We patched for a while trying to make sure that his right eye had about equal vision to the left before doing the surgery. We did this because, if the vision wasn't close to equal, his brain might not figure out how to work the eyes together even if they were straightened. So, after the surgery, his right eye may have looked straight, but it may not have been doing any actual looking. The trouble is, since Soren can't talk, it's all guesswork. We had the option to wait a few months and continue patching. But we decided to take a chance.

And, for once, that chance has paid off! HOORAH!

His vision isn't just cosmetically straight, it's (hopefully) functionally straight.

Now how does the doctor know this? Well, let me tell you. I had noticed over these past 5 weeks that Soren's right eye would drift OUT a bit now and again (something it had never done). BUT, every time it did this, the eye then came back into alignment. His doctor also witnessed this and said that this indicates that his brain knows that drifting out is not where the eye should be. So then his brain actively pulls it back so he can see properly--WITH BOTH EYES!!!!! Amy

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