Monday, May 05, 2008

40 Days, But Not Counting

Soren made it a full 40 days without seizures as of this Saturday. But then on Sunday he woke up quite cranky and a bit warm. He had his milk and then proceeded to throw up everything in his tummy. Aaron got him into the bath where Soren had a 2 minute seizure. Thank goodness Aaron was right there to keep him safe.

Soren was conked out for most of the morning. When I checked his temperature, it was at 103. We worked the rest of the day to get it down, using Tylenol suppositories and oral Motrin once he was awake. In between that he had two more tonic-clonic seizures so I gave him Diastat. Finally around 4:00 he woke up and drank Pediasure, which he kept down. I got more of that and some chicken broth into him. His fever didn't break until 10 pm.

Today he stayed home with me and was both fever and seizure free. Still not that interested in eating, but I can't blame him. Otherwise he's been in good spirits, barely sleeping. So far none of us have gotten sick.

So our new count begins today, Cinco de Mayo (and Soren's great grandfather Art's birthday). Maybe we can make it to 50 days this time!


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