Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Comeback Kid

I just gotta say, Soren amazes me.

Sunday, he's got a fever, he throws up, and he has 3 seizures.

But then he sleeps. Like a log. Not a stir. It's what all of us should do when we're sick as hell. And he does it like an Olympic Champion. Soren is the Gold Medalist in Sleeping When Sick.

So then when he wakes up, he eases into drinking clear liquids. With his fever gone, the next day he's like a new boy. He can eat. He's perky. I make him do nothing the entire day and he actually seems a bit peeved, giving me looks like, "Seriously, Mom, I am so bored!"

By Tuesday he's back at school. When he got home, he was giggling his butt off. Today he was awake and happy, went to school, went to horse therapy. It's as if Sunday never happened.

When I put him to bed tonight, he was happy and healthy. That's my boy. He is the champion, my friends.


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