Friday, April 25, 2008

30 Days Seizure Free!

That's right! Soren has gone a full 30 days without a seizure. I'm in my "waiting for the other shoe to drop" mode, but still enjoying how happy and "with it" he's been lately.

Even more amazing to me is that in the middle of this seizure freedom, we had Spring Break. And we were all over the place. We drove to Scottsdale to see my sister, went to Disneyland with friends, went to the mountain cabin of other friends. All this travel and change of routine could have easily upset Soren's applecart. I was so excited driving home from the mountains last Sunday, but didn't announce our success until we were safely at home.

Speaking of Spring Break, we really had a great time (and I know part of that is that Soren didn't have any seizures). At my sister's we played in the pool. And though Soren wasn't happy with it at first, he eventually resigned and fell asleep. At Disneyland he did much of the same until he hit the Tiki Room. That kid LOVES the Tiki Room! He was perky for it at our last visit and we thought it was a coincidence. But he seriously had slept through most of the day (except lunch) but when when those birdies sang and flowers crooned, Soren listened and watched following the lights and sound. And he was happy in the mountains. This time he either slept in the warm sun or kicked on his blanket enjoying the breeze. It was great.

We also went to see Soren's neuro-ophthalmologist during break. This cracks me up because in the waiting room Soren was awake, alert, and chatting. I rolled him into the room and he looked around with a sly glint in his eye. The doctor turned around to look in his eyes, and Soren immediately began bobbing his head and falling asleep. The kid is aware, crafty, and a big stinker!


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