Friday, August 10, 2007

Still Little News

After harassing the crap out of the UCLA peds neuro folks, I finally spoke with a doctor. Unfortunately, it wasn't Soren's doctor! His doctor is out of town until this Tuesday. FRUSTRATING!!!!!

So the doctor on call told me basically the same old stuff. The MRI showed nothing. The PET scan showed that "the left temporal lobe had decreased metabolism." And she didn't have anything on the EEG. So actually, it was less news!

I asked if she could tell me what was said when the surgical team discussed his case. She said she couldn't because since Soren isn't her patient and everyone talks really quickly, she didn't catch what they said about him. It's the responsibility of the child's physician.

Argh! I have messages into his doctor for when he returns on Tuesday. I'm sure he'll be swamped with other annoyed and anxious parents, so who knows when I'll hear from him.

That all said, Soren has a cold and had a crappy day yesterday. After 6 seizures, I gave him Diastat and knocked him out. He's still sick today, but no seizures so far. In typical "feeling lousy" behavior, he's not eating much, but still drinking his almond milk. Right now he's kicking and happy on the floor and less covered in snot than yesterday.


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